John character build notes

Tie-in to Setting

  • Part of or affiliated with the Vistani caravan that the party passed. Traveled towards Moil to retrieve the party/guide them back.
  • Sent on a divine mission. Receives periodic messages from the gods. Not just visions—also interpretations of omens, extispicy, et cetera. In play, will function as a way for Nick to steer us or for me to legitimatize one of our foolhardy escapades.
  • Saravanan left the Vistani clan because some entity is trying to hold him to a pact made in a previous life. Dealing with this, and whatever misdeeds he committed, is the goal of his Jaunt.

Mechanical Aspects

  • Invoker. Walk around, shout DOOOM! at people (oversimplification).
  • Will use Vistani X feats to gain free ritual uses for travel/exploration and divination. No longer will we wander around the multiverse in ignorance!
  • Looking to get a large number of skills with high bonuses, especially the information-acquiring skills. See above about no longer wandering around without a clue.
  • Getting a high enough intimidate to reliably force surrender would be great. I’ll avoid nearly all the combat buffing feats, so it would be very handy to be able to put the skill bonuses to good use in combat.
  • Role? Should probably not duplicate roles, so defender or controller. (If you want to make a controller I would be happy to include a companion character to bolster your front line) A companion character could be quite useful. We could flavor that a lot of ways, from allies we meet on our travels to summoned creatures or animal companions.
  • Class?
  • Race? Nick’s clarifications on the intimidate DC make the Deva racial optional, so I’ll revisit that. The Deva remains very compelling for a skill-focused character, though.
Rules questions:
  • Can I take the feat Vistani Seer more than once? (Nope, feats can only be taken once unless the specific feat specifies otherwise) Thought so. It seemed too useful otherwise.
  • Can “Consult Mystic Sages” (ritual) reveal gate coordinates? By my reading, it would be able to find gates that aren’t hidden—for instance, the city of brass gate or even that glacier one (since we did buy it off a merchant, rather than going on a quest). It probably couldn’t tell us Valathir’s gate coordinates, unless for some reason he doesn’t keep them a secret. (Your reading is correct. It could reveal older, public gate coordinates but not brand new or private ones)


  • Want to pump primarily charisma (intimidate, bluff, diplomacy) and intelligence (arcana, religion, history). Charisma because intimidate for surrender is a really hard skill check, and intelligence because some rituals need a hefty arcana check. Secondarily I want wisdom (perception, nature, dungeoneering) and constitution (to have enough surges to pay for the portal creation ritual). If I end up defender, the high base surge value will compensate.
  • Racial skill bonus to intimidate wouldn’t hurt. Dragonborn and Drow get both it and and Cha bonus.
  • The combinations which get me the numbers I want aren’t necessarily flavorful or fun to play. (Don’t play a character that isn’t fun for the sake of numbers. Personally I find a stumbling, narrow victory more interesting anyway)
  • These issues are dealt with entirely to my satisfaction.
How high does intimidate need to be to force a surrender?
  • Difficulty: enemy will+10 (My reading of this is different. I take the unfriendly/hostile mods to be outside the fact that you are fighting them. Your mortal enemy would be at will+10, a bandit just trying to rob you would be at base will)
  • At level 15, enemy will defense is around 26-27.
  • Desired skill bonus: +26 or higher
  • Easy bonuses: +7 (level bonus) +5 (trained) +3 (skill focus) + 2 (background) = 17
  • Ability score bonus: If charisma is primary ability score, can get +6. Otherwise, +2 tops.
  • Racial skill bonus: +2
  • That leaves me with between 4 and 8 to make up by other means (items, debuffs, power bonuses). * This is actually looking rather difficult (perhaps infeasible). Invoker—> Speaker of the Word PP might work. +17 (base) +2 (Cha) +2 (PP bonus) +5 (power bonus) +2 (Circlet of authority) = +28. Perhaps +3.5 (avg) from Deva racial power, and maybe a debuff to the enemy’s defenses from myself or Georgiana, and we’re in excellent business. Speaker of the Word also gives me a reroll to a skill check when I spend an AP.
  • Invoker also satisfies the fun-to-play criterion: it’s a flashy archetype, full of doom and destruction.
  • Multiclass into Warlock for Dark One’s Own Luck (Level 6 utility)?

John character build notes

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