Spiral of failures

Things started off a little slow after the planting of the tree in Hamilcon’s Shadowfell. Nute of the Labyrinth, Harramin Benson and Charisse Ambler went back to the Ambler’s to see if Sir Charles Ambler had taking the Doom Wine and had a vision. He was unwilling to share the information with them, even after having a few drinks.

The group retired for the night and Charisse Ambler spoke to her father alone about the vision he had in the morning. He told her that she was frozen, just like he had found her mother when she was a baby. He said that she had went to face the Prince of Frost. He made her promise not to do anything and she asked her father not to do anything stupid as well. She kept this information to herself.

Nute of the Labyrinth, Harramin Benson and Charisse Ambler then went to Abelurn to see how strong the militia had gotten and if there were plans to attack. Since everyone will talk to a little girl, Charisse Ambler found out the growth of the army (i forget the numbers, maybe John wrote it down somewhere) and that, as of now, the plans were to rebuild and fortify the city.

While Charisse Ambler was learning about the military movement, Harramin Benson decided to retire at the Golden Gander. He was at the bar, complaining to Phex about the beds when a man in black attacked Phex. Harramin Benson interfered, causing a half elf woman near him to attack him, insisting he not interfere with initiation. Nute of the Labyrinth and Charisse Ambler were on their way to the inn when they noticed the commotion and joined in battle.

After knocking out the man in black, the woman spoke some words and a glyph burned it’s way through the man in black’s head, killing him and making us unable use rituals to learn more from him. She later did that to herself (after getting thrown in a fireplace by Nute of the Labyrinth and Harramin Benson).

Phex then shared information on why he might have been targeted by the assassins. In his youth he joined a group that became corrupt that was supposed to help guard the primordials. Phex went to join the militia for safety and left the inn to Sharm.

In the morning, we all went to check on Captain Zarick. He was building a lightning skiff (i’m probably spelling that wrong). He was going to use it to fly in the elemental chaos and convinced us to help build and pilot the ship. We all pooled our greatest skills together and build the best lightning skiff the world has ever seen! We were on our way!

When trying to fly the ship, we learned that either Harramin Benson or Charisse Ambler botched the glyphs to protect the ship from getting damaged by lightning so Nute of the Labyrinth tried to fix them as the hatch he screwed on was thrown off. The ship continued to fall apart and when Captain Zarick tried to fix it, he was thrown off and unable to be saved by us. We had a surprise landing in a bog or swamp or something and Harramin Benson and Nute of the Labyrinth leaped from the ship leaving Charisse Ambler inside at the controls


I’m ecstatic to be dragged on my way to level 14 behind a trail of character portraits and well-annotated adventure log posts.

Also, the combined army + militia is 4-5 thousand out of a population of 25,000. Assuming historical norms, this means every able-bodied man ages 15 to 45 has been called into service and civilian industry has essentially ceased. No farming, no production of good, no organized trade except in the context of the army. I see two probably outcomes. In the first, we have a state-controlled economy where the “soldiers” are simply nationalized workers, and essentially useless as fighters. This could produce a stable society that plays nice with its neighbors, depending on Sharazar’s whims. In the second outcome, the population is actually mobilized for military purposes, and Abelurn must go to war or suffer economic collapse within months. For comparison, total mobilization in Germany and Russia throughout the whole of world war 2 was in the 20-25% range; mobilization at any given point in time was much lower. My conclusion is that Abelurn is either undergoing a political revolution or Sharazar is insane and bent on war.

Not that we can do anything about it at the moment, seeing as we’re lost in the elemental chaos.

Spiral of failures

The militia is not exclusively male, about 25% female. About 100 or so are non-citizen mercenaries, like you lot. About 50% are full time, the rest are something of a reserve. They are trained for specific jobs (related to their normal profession, when possible) and work a few days a week.

Spiral of failures

you might not be dragged there by me. i may miss next session (or be really late, work until 6pm). so i need to make up for any XP i miss then now!

Spiral of failures

@ Nicholas: 2000-2500 full timers still pushes Abelurn into the expected range for total war mobilization. My forecast is now 60% chance social revolution/40% chance mad spree of conquest and ruin. Sharazar doesn’t seem insane; I don’t think he buys into his own rhetoric. We’re probably looking at a power grab with a populist power base, with ‘enemies’ manufactured as needed to retain power.

Sharazar may have divined both 1) a coming calamity and 2) war mobilization strategy, and is acting accordingly. In which case he’s still making a power grab, but for a decent reason.

I’m not trying to box you into these options; they are just the best interpretation I have of the game fiction. I’ll attempt to rationalize whatever you have Sharazar ultimately do as best I can.

@Georgina: Hopefully you’ll get enough to compensate for the loss of attendance xp. I think we’re best served by supporting whoever is in the lead for champion (you), as I’d rather level early than get the boon. Speaking of which, I’ll send you that sketch description before next sunrise.

Spiral of failures

@John Hopefully! and I was telling Nick that if you guys still play, you can just have me unconscious because I was still in the ship when it crashed. It would make a valid story reason to not have me contributing anything and I could “wake up” when I make it to the session. I’m thinking since it would be only like 2 hours, it shouldn’t be TOO much XP. Thanks for letting me know when you plan on giving me the description. All this drawing is good practice!

Spiral of failures

@John: I love the speculation, I just wanted to arm you with accurate data.

Spiral of failures

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