Detective work, the sky is falling, an aromatic crab, and death threats

Watcher’s orb went absolutely nuts in the middle of the night, which in hindsight will surely be portentous of something or other.

We also met a changeling looking for the magichanical arm we liberated from the quicklings. I think he gave his name as Westin Forthright. Apparently the chained god cult had a reward out for the arm.

After an elaborate scheme, some middle-of-the-night sprinting, and a jury of Westin’s peers, we only achieved in burning his leg off with an acid orb and tipping off the opposition. The cult had a small operation going in Marden, but all we found was a threatening letter. Note: Westin is still out there and hates us. Can’t really blame him.

After our failure at tracking down and violencing the chained god cult, we returned to Abelurn to attend Prince William’s funeral. It was quite rousing. The sky split open to birth an astral dreadnought into this world. We met Captain Zarack, whose astral ship also came through the rift (and crashed). And Sharazar started a people’s crusade against “the enemy.” There are very few ways the crusade could go well. Best case scenario, they stop after sacking Constantinople. Note: the astral dreadnought wandered off eventually. It doesn’t hate us; we are like ants in its mighty shadow.

We met with Sharazar. There was some cautious back-and-forth about the crusade. He helped us get some glacial water and sent us on our way to a town 14 days to the north (which I shall call D√łglingur). We killed a giant crab, the only known member of its kind, and hauled it back to Hamilcon as fertilizer. Note: The thing probably had a wife and kids, who will hunt us down and rend our flesh.

On the way back to Hamilcon, Nute and Watcher visited Thelspar’s tribe. Nute paid his respects to the matriarch (forgot her name, I’ll call her Amalberga). Gifts were exchanged. The tribe is preparing for war against the river folk and Sharazar’s crusade. Nute hopes that Charisse can resolve the river folk altercation.

At Hamilcon, Charisse had a joyfully tearful reunion with dear old dad. Nute’s cask of lutefisk remained uneaten. The Prince of Frost is threatening the Amblers; we passed the Doomwine on to Charles in hopes he would see something helpful. Then we killed zombies and planted the acorn. Mayor Barrows declared it Barrows’ Arbor Day, to be remembered in perpetuity (especially the “Barrows” part). I may have made that part up.


Nute's map


I found something you all might be interested in: Imports a character builder file, tracks character status during gameplay. I think it’s pretty slick, and it works pretty well on an ipod too.


Wow, I checked that out before but it has gotten so much more advanced since then.


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