The world of Breach divergences from the “points of light” 4e setting. In the beginning, “monsters” are quite rare and thus so are adventurers. Culturally the world is something of a fusion. The style of the world mixes in elements of more traditional medieval settings with some victorian style. The world is loosely defined, so add to it and play with it how you like.

Breach starts off in the mid-sized village of Hamilcon.

Player Characters
Saravanan: 66,847
Charisse: 66,547
Harramin: 66,847

Current Level: 15
Current Champion: Harramin
Champion Boon: Sage’s Sight
Next Level: 69,000
Inherent Enchancements: +3 to attack and damage, +3 to AC, Reflex, Fort and Will

Possible Party Names
  • Fellowship of the Paperweight
  • Hamilcon Gofers
  • Planejumping Hooligans Ltd.
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • Limited Liability Inc. Absolutely No Liability, Inc.
  • Liability Ltd.
Planar Crisis Ideas—Text Planar Crisis Ideas—Pictures!
I (John) figured I’d post some pictures I found neat, see if they spark ideas:


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