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Out of Character Musing

Some horrible, powerful being was imprisoned in ages long past in a specially constructed demiplane. A number of devotees of the gods of good were set to watch over the prison for all eternity and secure it from interlopers, but (as is usually the case) the scheme failed and the big nasty got loose.

This fits well with the DMG blurb on Tharizdun (the Chained God, mostly forgotten, created the abyss). The paperweight would then be a lost relic of the Chained God, and Balquar was pursuing the unification of all planes so that the Chained God could once again touch the prime material.

One interesting challenge could be that to re-imprison the Chained God, we need his true name. Which is of course forgotten (“Tharizdun” either doesn’t count or isn’t known).

It may be that the Chained God’s planar prison (the Labyrinth) could still be mostly trapping him, even if the actual prison structure and guards failed. Reality within the Labyrinth would be steadily torn apart and rebuilt, with small islands floating above a new abyss and strange magics running rampant. Bits of other planes could also be torn off and added to the Chained God’s dominion in the Labyrinth.

Nute could have gotten out through a service entrance of sorts, meant to facilitate limited communication with the rest of the planes. This entrance would be too “small” (in the metaphysical sense) for the Chained God to pass through, but if he discovers it he may be able to widen it.

What we’d actually do:
  • Search the planes for those who still remember the Labyrinth’s creation
  • Counter those who would try to free the Chained God, siphon his power for their own ends, or add to his planar domain
  • Fight to reclaim parts of the planes from the Labyrinth
  • Finally, defeat and imprison the Chained God once more

The middle two items allow for a wide range of wild heroics, particularly stealing entire demiplanes from under the nose of a god.

In Character

See Nute

The Labyrinth Nute found himself in a bizarre inter-planer labyrinth of blasted landscapes, wild magic, and strange beasts—-all connected by an ever-shifting network of portals and shifting islands in the planar sea. At the “center” of this labyrinth lay a great dome, hundreds of fathoms high, in which a set enormous shackles lay broken on the walls and floor. There had clearly been a battle there; humanoid skeletons and weapons were strewn all about. The remains were adorned with the livery of dozens of groups, including many of the deities worshiped in Hamilcon.

Throughout the labyrinth, there were inscriptions which spoke of the Nameless One or the Prisoner, imprisoned for all eternity, and the Eternal Guard who would tend the restraints and defend the prison against evildoers. A few hasty inscriptions speak of failure and coming doom. Many of the inscriptions were defaced, including the few which might have once given a name to the prisoner.

John's ideas

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