Champion Boon

Upon leveling up the champion may choose one of the following benefits. He retains that benefit until the next level is reached and a new champion is named. If the same person is champion again he may keep his current boon or switch to a new one.

Sage’s Sight
Power (Encounter): Minor Action, targets one creature within 10 squares. You learn the level, role and defenses of the target.

Lucky Dodge
Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: You are hit by a critical hit. Effect: The critical becomes an ordinary hit.

A Bit More Juice
Power (Daily): Free. Effect: Regain the use of one expended magic item power.

No Escape
Power (Daily): Free action after using an Encounter attack power that hit no targets. Effect: Immediately repeat the attack power.

Magic Missile Time
Power (Daily): No action. Turn a minor action into a standard action.

Hardly Slowed Me Down
Power (Encounter): No action. Rerolled a failed saving throw with a bonus equal to your Con mod.

Champion Boon

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