Vistani prophet shadowed by the deeds of a former life

Saravanan, level 15
Deva, Invoker, Speaker of the Word
Build: Wrathful Invoker
Divine Covenant: Covenant of Wrath
Background: Deva - Brink of Corruption (+2 to Intimidate)

Str 11, Con 18, Dex 9, Int 18, Wis 22, Cha 12.

Str 10, Con 14, Dex 8, Int 15, Wis 16, Cha 11.

AC: 27 Fort: 25 Reflex: 25 Will: 27
HP: 84 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 21

Religion +19, History +19, Intimidate +20, Insight +18, 
Perception +18, Arcana +17, Nature +19, Diplomacy +15

Acrobatics +5, Bluff +10, Dungeoneering +14, Endurance +10, 
Heal +13, Stealth +5, Streetwise +10, Thievery +5, Athletics +6

Invoker: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Vistani Heritage
Level 2: Immortal Skill
Level 4: Vistani Pathfinding
Level 6: Vistani Seer
Level 8: Skill Training (Perception)
Level 10: Skill Training (Arcana)
Level 11: Spirit Talker
Level 12: Remembered Mother Tongue
Level 14: Skill Training (Diplomacy)

Invoker at-will 1: Visions of Blood
Invoker at-will 1: Divine Bolts
Spirit Talker: World Speaker's Command
Invoker encounter 1: Lightning's Revelation
Invoker daily 1: Silent Malediction
Invoker utility 2: Shroud of Awe
Invoker encounter 3: Chains of Carceri
Invoker daily 5: Malediction of Blindness
Invoker utility 6: Demand Justice
Invoker encounter 7: Word of Fiery Condemnation
Invoker daily 9: Hall of Thunderous Battle
Invoker utility 10: Insightful Comment
Invoker encounter 13: Deadly Doubt (replaces Chains of Carceri)
Invoker daily 15: Storm of Punishment (replaces Malediction of Blindness)

Ritual Book, Philosopher's Crown (heroic tier), Harvester's Staff +1, 
Hide Armor, Lucky Charm +1
Hand of Fate, Comprehend Language, Consult Mystic Sages, Speak with Dead, 
Object Reading, Spirit Fetch, Iron Vigil, Endure Elements, Battlefield Elocution, 
Call Wilderness Guide, Travelers' Feast, Control Weather, Linked Portal, 
Eagle's Flight, Whispers of the Edifice

In the 69th year after the founding of the Sun Circle caravan, Ksamya and Ajamuka bore twin children, a girl and a boy. The boy was delivered second. He had blue skin and milky white eyes. Mother Munakshi said that he was a Deva, one who wears his current incarnation lightly. The boy also bore an odd mark, something like a brand. This mark worried Mother Munakshi, who performed the blooding on the spot (by custom, Ajamuka’s privilege). The mark faded, and the boy was named Saravanan. His sister was blooded eight days later and named Gunnika.

Saravanan showed remarkable aptitude for magic theory and lore early in his childhood, but he struggled as much as anyone else to actually work the magic. That changed in his twelfth year; it was as if a mental barrier had crumbled. The mark also returned, though it was very faint. Mother Munakshi then took him as a student. She said, “Your soul is marked. I fear that in a past life, you made a pact with a great power, and now the price has come due. The Vistani bond will shield you a while longer, but one day soon you must leave the clan and walk your own path. Before that day, I will teach you all I know.” She made good on her word, and Saravanan learned the magic of the gods and of men.

Saravanan left the caravan in its 88th year while it traveled on the road to the House of Black Lanterns. His parents led the farewell feast, and Mother Munakshi blessed the Jaunt in the names of the 20 gods and the pillars of the world.

The night after Saravanan left the caravan, he dreamed. He stood in the midst of a black haze. A voice spoke, “Seven lifetimes of service you promised me, yet you do not serve. You will meet the bargain.” Saravanan had the distinct sense that he could part the haze to reveal the speaker if he wished, yet the thought filled him with fear and he fled the dreamscape.

The next morning, Saravanan made an offering to Avandra (a favored patron of the Sun Circle caravan). He also invoked Ioun and the Raven Queen, just in case Fate does have power over an individual’s life. He received an answer: travel to Moil. Give aid to the flesh-and-blood people you find there.

Saravanan obeyed, fearing that the choices of a past life would doom home and hoping that he could redeem his soul by the deeds of his present life.


Saravanan (Sara for short) also has an older brother named Ayobahu, who chose to travel with the Green Vault caravan with his wife when it split from the Sun Circle caravan. Meketaten is Sara’s younger sister and Dayaram is his younger brother. Meketaten is a half-orc (she was abandoned by her blood parents shortly after birth).

Mother Munakshi is the caravan matriarch. The ‘Mother’ is an unofficial honorary title.


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