Prince William


The adopted son (actual great nephew) of the leader of Sharzad, after the death of his parents. He fancied himself a hero and great adventures and would often boast of his prowess. The party learned that he kept innocent goblins chained up to kill for sport. He later revealed the pride of his collection, a mongrel dracolich. The beast killed the prince shortly before the group gave it a mercy kiling.

Sharazar’s funereal speech:

Sharazar takes the podium, he is a man in his early 60s of average height and build. He wears loose fitted black silk clothes and a neatly trimmed grey beard and hair

I have lost a son and the whole city weeps with me.

As some of may know, William’s birth parents were my sister and brother-in-law. A tragedy brought him before me. Returning from a routine trip, my sister, her husband and the six year old William were attacked on the road. His parents were savaged by orcs, while William could only hide and watch. It was three days before he was found by the search party. When he was brought to me, he was hungry, screaming and crying, but had a resolve I’ve never seen in a child. He had already decided his path in life. He was going to be a hero, the kind of man who stops what happened to him from befalling anyone else.

I can say with pride in my heart that with his last breaths, William did just that. An unknown enemy set a draconic abomination against us. With strength of steel and courage of purpose, William slew the monster. Sadly, William was mortally wounded in the fight.

I stand over the body of my adopted son, but I have no time for tears. I will show the same resolve that he did when he first stood before me. We are beset by enemies on all sides, some familiar, some unknown from other worlds. We have cowered for too long, hoping the danger would pass. Today, in memory of William’s courage, I call upon every able bodied man and woman. If you can swing a sword or conjure a spell, report for duty. We are going to fight! We will defend our homes and families by fighting back against enemies, be them from the scrublands or the stars!

While his words are still ringing, a shadow starts to creep over the crowd. Looking up, you can see what appears to be a ship coming through the rift, crudely ripping it further. The ship comes through and immediately tumbles to the ground with a great crash. Following through is a horrific creature of gargantuan size. It has one great eye and a triangular mouth with rows of teeth. Its leathery hide has spikes that protrude with seemingly no pattern. It has great crab like claws on stubby arms and a rear section like and eel, it swims effortlessly through the sky.


Prince William

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