Witches are made of wood

After clearing the slaughterhouse of Chained God followers, we returned to the Golden Gander. Watcher set about learning Cure Disease to fix Charisse’s Slaad problem, while the rest of us fanned out over the city to collect information on the planar convergences and the Chained God cult. Turns out the convergences need deity-level mojo to set right. The Chained God cult is a few years old and widespread, although the related disappearances in Abelurn stopped about 3 months ago.

Choosing to postpone the investigation of Watcher’s creator, we returned to Hamilcon. The pyramid was being moved at great expense by its master; it would be convenient if such a large gateway remained in Hamilcon for our use. We also found a note from the slow keeper directing us to look up Sharm at the Golden Gander, a servant of the Summer Queen (who might be able and willing to help us with the shadowfell issue).

We then decided to find Thomas Patrick Finnegan’s stolen memories. As suspected, his widow turned out to be the witch—she eventually revealed herself by attacking Harramin after we conducted a mostly ineffective interrogation and illegal search. We then returned Thomas’ memories, restored Lilith’s inheritance, and summarily executed Widow Finnegan after a sham trial in which she was not allowed to speak in her defense.

Mission accomplished, we returned to Abelurn to talk to Sharm. He doesn’t actually have a direct line to the Summer Queen (in fact, he’s never seen her) but will help us out if we deal with some quickling bandits.

To do list:
  • Look up Watcher’s master, and what his connection to the Chained God is
  • Kill us some quickling bandits
  • Start a general inquisition against Chained God followers (possibly ask around the City of Brass)
  • Expand our repertoire of portal keys
  • Corner the market on interplanar commerce in Abelurn


To get the drop on the bandits, we should have Charisse drive a wagon up the road with a bag of coins in plain sight. When the quicklings inevitably attack, we yell “surprise!” and jump out from under a sheet in the back of the wagon.

Witches are made of wood

they might suspect a little girl traveling alone who happens to have riches. we should use harramin

Witches are made of wood

Sounds good. To make sure they notice him, we should enchant his hat to glow bright green.

Witches are made of wood

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