Soul eaters

In which we travel to Abelurn, meet Headmaster Watcher, and fight soul eaters

Seeking a teleportation circle, we traveled north to Abelurn (following the footsteps of an unknown Shadarkai). The ice elemental traveled with us in the river, causing no end of consternation and incidental damage. The river overflowed its banks, boats were damaged, and the river bottom was churned up (destroying fish spawning beds and degrading water quality).

After arriving at Abeldburn, we told the elemental to wait outside the gates and met Watcher, headmaster of a magic academy. In due course we determined that a magic circle large enough for the elemental could be found on the premises of the Brotherhood of the 13th Seal (life/death).

Turns out the attendants ate souls. Who knew? It was a long and difficult fight, but Watcher eventually broke out his most powerful magic while Nute held the doorway. We limped our way into the basement and rescued a few prisoners. One, Bardil, said to meet him later.

We then traveled through the magic circle to the City of Brass, bought coordinates to an iceburg (possibly overpaying), and returned to usher the elemental home.

Loose ends:
  • The Shadar-kai
  • Pyramid
  • Fix shadowfell in Hamilcon
  • Fix astral rift over Abelurn
  • “Chained god lives” warehouse
  • Return ghost’s memories



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