Return to Hamilcon

In which we wander about town gathering information and stirring up trouble

Harramin, Charise, and Nute all entered Hamilcon individually.

Harramin came from the encroaching shadowfell in the east, spoke to an old ghost, and talked to the mayor. He learned of a rock monster attack and a recent incursion of a fiery pyramid. Apparently two years have passed since the paperweight incident, and strange planar events started occuring shortly after we were torn apart.

Also, the mayor still wants his paperweight. 50 gp per person.

Charise came from the river to help the wounded from the fire pyramid incursion. She was quite successful at doing so.

Nute also arrived from the shadowfell, starting in the cave where we fought the mind flayer. He spoke to the ghost also. The ghost apparently had his name stolen by a witch who sought his wealth—he still has one bit of secret wealth and is willing to give it away to someone who can provide redress.

Nute met with both Charisse and Harramin. Harramin and Nute started picking a fight with the fire pyramid. Two Genasi came out and were easily kept at bay by Nute while Harramin picked them off from range. Rosamonde helped some too.

After both Genasi were beat down fairly well, their boss came out and demanded to know why we attacked. Since he said he was trying to get his home back to the elemental chaos, we agreed to leave him alone.

We asked around town for information pertaining to the shadowfell or planar travel. Oliver told us that soon after the shadowfell appeared, a man with pale skin & black tattoos came out of it and met with the mayor. From the mayor, we learned that this man traveled to Abelburn. The mayor said there was a wizard there with a magic circle to teleport between planes, provided one knows the code for the destination circle.

An ice monster then walked out of the river, and we rushed outside to deal with it. The townsfolk fled in terror, except for Jack—he closed to fisticuffs and was turned into paste. The battle was protracted, as we could not effectively lock down the monster or deliver damage. In due time, the monster complained of having been summoned here; Harramin (who can speak primordial) talked it down. It agreed to give us three days to send it home before it would raze the town.

We currently intend to travel north to Abelburn, ice monster in tow, to send it back with the portal.



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