Awesome First Session

In which, against our better judgment, we challenge a mind flayer to retrieve a paperweight

Aldreth, Harramin Benson, Charisse Ambler, Watcher, and Nute were walking around Hamilcon on a surprisingly warm winter’s day when a group of thugs was spotted at the mayor’s house.

News travels fast, and the group (either bored or out of a sense of beneficence) descended upon the unfortunate thugs. Harramin picked a fight, and everyone else helped finish it. Nute, not equipped for combat, rushed in heedlessly to check on his father but was swiftly beaten to the floor. Meanwhile, one of the thugs teleported away with Hamilcon’s shiny black rock/paperweight (HASBROP).

The fight raged on outside, with Charisse fighting her way to the doorway, surrounded by several opponents. Aldreth’s and Watcher’s magical artillery quickly turned the tide as Mayor Burrows revived his illegitimate child with a dose of fine liquor.

Having won the fight, the group of strangers bonded over prisoner interrogation and tea. Nute and his father exchanged words. The interrogation pointed to a cave to the east, and the group of now not-quite-strangers set forth to retrieve the HASBROP—(with promise of a reward).

At the mouth of the cave, the unsuspecting group of not-quite-strangers (UGNOQUIS) found a corpse—unmistakably killed by a mind flayer. This find understandably triggered second thoughts, but Watcher (a brave soul indeed) strode into the cave, and the rest of the UGNOQUIS followed. Along the way, the UGNOQUIS was ambushed by foul psychic jellyfish creatures from the black void beyond reality (FOPSJECREBVOR), and Nute almost died. Again.

Everyone was having third (or even fourth thoughts) at this point, but they soldiered on. Faced with randomly shifting portals to the elemental plane of chaos, they simply ran through. (Amazingly, no one died.)

Finally, the HASBROP was in sight, but on the ritual table of the mind flayer! Sixth thoughts were had by all. The UGNOQUIS approached, but was ambushed by two massive rock creatures. Harramin went solo on one of the rock creatures, taking it out almost single-handedly (while Charisse and Nute bled on the ground from a dozen wounds).

Finally, the rock creatures went down. Watcher casually swiped the HASBROP from under the mind flayer’s nose, and Harramin blasted an apparently very important crystal. Reality took a vacation and the UGNOQUIS was painfully torn apart atom by atom—stopping the mind flayer’s nefarious scheme! Victory!



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