Dinner and Sport

In which we eat a prince's food and watch him get killed

A horribly mutilated corpse was found stuffed into a cabinet at the Mostly Unseen University. Lockdown was declared. Watcher recognized it as the work of the missing 13th Seal Oni, and orchestrated a search through the school for suspicious behavior and unlicensed summoning circles. He eventually revealed that the Oni was masquerading as Sapphire, a student. The demon was then easily dispatched.

Harramin and Nute returned to Abelurn, but were stopped at the city gates to await the arrival of Prince William. The Prince extended a dinner invitation, which we accepted and passed on to Watcher as well.

We then remembered we had a box taken from the quicklings. Watcher opened the final lock, revealing a warforged arm much like his own. Nute spied some maker’s marks on the components. After questioning some blacksmiths, we believe a Chained God cultist (who carries a greatsword) ordered the work to be done.

The prince’s dinner went well, until he decided to have some sport. He apparently thought slaughtering chained goblins was heroic; we dissuaded him. He then revealed an animated dragon skeleton, which broke lose and attacked him. We disabled it, used magic to comprehend its speech, and learned that it only desired death. However, it quickly dispatched the prince with its breath weapon before submitting to assisted suicide.

Marl, William’s manservant, said he would say the prince died in battle against the dragon and keep the party’s involvement a secret. Marl and Watcher had a staring contest, in which Watcher learned that Marl is from the plane of dreams. We then left.

Nute decided to free the goblins on the way out, earning the friendship of Felspar (the shaman).

Watcher returned to his university, while the rest of us went to the Golden Gander. Harramin complained about the beds. Nute interrupted Sharm (who was having sex) to ask about glaciers.



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